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Building a Life of your Greatest Hearts Desires can actually be done without a lot of struggle and “hard work.” Of course to build anything we must have an idea, set an intention, create a plan, and take focused energy and action for our desired idea to manifest in form. The work I do is more about aligning the client with core strengths that each of has within us, and is more about “allowing” then it is about “making” things happen.


Spiritual Guidance Coaching is an organic process I use to create consistent and clear daily practices of listening to our inner guidance and taking inspired action that moves us forward.

We are always moving forward anyway, so lets do it intentionally while following things that are deeply meaningful, interesting and that we truly enjoy!

Along with the technique Living your Growing Edge© I use a simple coaching concept I created called; The Four Pillars FOR LIFE © ;


Health: of Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.

Relationships: With oneself, others and our relationship to life.

Prosperity: Empowered Creativity! Sharing the wide spectrum of all of our gifts and talents! Aligning with the abundance of life, including money, love, the art of giving and receiving, and creating success in our endeavors.

Creative Self Expression: Discovering deeper connection with our True and Deepest Life desire and the gifts we have come here to share with the world. We do a individualized creativity workshop to open up the natural creative flow. Then put some structure and daily practices in place to allow life to express with ease and joy and enthusiasm.


In the coaching work I do, we look at what is working and perhaps what we can expand on in our lives. I do not look at what is “wrong” with my clients I focus on what is absolutely right about them.Then together we discover thier growing edge. Then we co-create practices that help release any false concepts of oneself like fear, doubt and insecurities. We look at areas that may be frozen up because of false beliefs and gently, yet directly we create practices that realign with their wholeness allowing blocks to naturally fall away.

Moving forward in life, peacefully, empowered,

and inspired while living intentionally in the direction of your True Life Passion!

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