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Spiritual Adventure Outings


Nature Therapy is gaining a lot of scientific recognition lately. Scientists and Psychologists are discovering that people can become deprived from not being in Nature on a consistant basis and are discovering the vast healing benefits from getting connected with nature and life. Many people today live in more urban areas or are not finding the time to get into nature.


Mark has developed a comprehensive and healing Nature Adventure program that helps people get reconnected not only with nature but with a deeper sense of inner peace and calm. Mark shares mindfulness practices, ancient spiritual practices from the Inca and Native American traditions and practices to mindfulness practices found in Nature Therapy to help people get reconnected with a deep inner sense of peace, nature and ultimately life itself.

Through the nature walks, hikes and peace practices Mark has choreographed an evidence based healing program. As a Wilderness Medical First Responder Mark has created intentionally safe, educational and healing adventures!

To find out more about the program and the many places from Joshua Tree National Park, to the Palm Springs Tramway, to The Native American sites like Taquitz Canyon to the Indian Canyons, Mark has guide hundreds of adventures and explored a vast array of trails throughout the Coachella valley and beyond taking clients out on beautiful experiential hikes that he has offered over the last 10 years please send him an email at

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