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practical and real life organic approach to recovery


Spiritual Education in Recovery

NOW OFFERING ONLINE ZOOM VIRTUAL CLASSES, GROUPS and WORKSHOPS including individual sessions for clients

and for Addiction Treatments centers around the country!

Please email me at for more info and a program designed specifically for you and your center's or staffs needs!

In 2011 I began writing Spiritual Education in Recovery curriculum that has continued to expand including a wide variety of practices and concepts that are specifically focused on early addiction recovery which includes evidence based mindfulness practices, stress reduction, DBT skills, neuro-science and how it relates to benefits of meditation which actually changes the brain. I also share many simple and practical practice like Pranayama Breath Work, Peace Practices, guided meditations that include live music, and One on One spiritual guidance support sessions.  Working with clients developing new life skills and practices clients discover their own unique daily peace practices that are simple and practical to incorporate throughout their days and ultimately throughout their lives!

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Since my program is involved and quite intentive please contact me for more info, questions, and rates.

Here is a short example

Recovering Meaning.

In this discover type class we do self-inquiry and contemplate things we find interesting or amazing about this earth or world we live in. Then we look at what we personally find meaningful, interesting or things we enjoy, from our family, our pets, an organization thats doing good works in the world, to riding a bike, playing a guitar or doing some service work for an organization thats doing meaningful works in the world. 

The work I have done has been incredibly effective in assisting the individual to simply quite the mind, body and emotions to begin to free the mind from self critical thinking and align clients with a deeper sense of inner peace and wisdom.


One of the Peace Practices I share is to notice when they might be intellectually beating up on themselves during a Peace Practice session, and then simply let it go for now, and then practice not beating up on oneself for “catching” themselves beating up on oneself! This usually gets a good laugh and we begin to see how terribly hard we have been on ourselves for so long which in many cases has been a major contributing factor and reason why we have self-medicated and became addicted. So then they get to create a simple daily practice that works for themselves, re-framing what they have called spiritual and if needed practice releasing old negative cynicism.


It is my deepest desire to share guidance and simple practices for people in all phases of recovery so they can create a space and a way to discover a daily simple peace practice that works for them, so that when they leave the recovery facility the have an anchor and a ground to refer to and align with when life becomes challenging or chaotic as it tends to do.


I am assisting the individual in aligning with an inner peace and wisdom they can rely on and trust. A wisdom and peace that helps the individual to have the capacity to make healthy, spiritually mature choices.


I have seen tremendous effective results and witnessed mental, emotional and even physical healing occurring in doing this work and sharing these simple Peace Practices.


Just for clarification, I am not a therapist I am a spiritual teacher and guide that helps the individual find their own truth and together we journey discovering what works and a way to follow their own deepest hearts desires!

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