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A Simple Practice

To live a happy, peaceful and empowered life,
it is imperative for us to
practice peace
throughout our day.
We can live in response
to life from a grounded
inner wisdom
instead of in reaction to life
from fear, or the ego’s need to be
right or “good enough.”
As we practice and align ourselves,
our life becomes vibrant awareness
living meditation in each moment.

Spiritual Education, Nature Adventures Guide, Spiritual Guidance Life Coach and Sacred Vibes BreathWork and Healing Sound Bath Immersion.


We are here to Live Life Fully and experience the abundance of joy, love, and prosperity that is our birthright. This can all be done through consistent, practical, and simple daily Peace Practices, meditation and intentional inspired action which arises from our deepest inner passion.

Over the last fifteen years I’ve led weekly guided meditations reminding myself and others of what I call an “ancient-ancient peace,” and wisdom that is always within us, and has always been with us, and nothing in the external world of conditions can take it away. It may get  covered up, or in some ways hidden from our immediate realization, but none-the-less it is always right here.

My core intention is to share simple practices and guide people in the discovery of their deeper inner wisdom, peace and True Heart Desires.  When in alignment with our inner peace and wisdom we can focus our attention clearly so we will live and create a more joyful, peaceful, content, and exceptionally creative life.

This work helps the individual to develop a life that is meaningful while powerfully moving forward into the fullest unique expression of ones TRUE SELF!

In 2010 I wrote "Spiritual Education in Recovery Program." I work with clients one on one and in groups in inpatient addiction treatment centers and outpatient programs. I share a wide range of evidence based practices and ancient spiritual concepts and practices that help clients heal the patterns of addiction while they learn a new perspective in the way the relate to their selves and the world around them.


I share Guided Meditations including breath work, live flute music, symphonic Paiste Gongs, Tibetan bowls, and Peace music cultivating a space for pure silence and peace to arise.

Contact me and I will work with you, or your group, to discover simple daily Peace Practices that work uniquely for the individual!

The Peace Practices©, Spiritual Well-BEing lessons and Spiritual Coaching and guidance I share to help the individual live in a True state of peace and oneness with life.


Mark is a licensed and ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual living finishing his ministerial studies in 2001 and in 2005 completed and passed his ordination panels and qualifications.

Mark holds a certified Wilderness Medicine First Responder,

and in 2018 completed Marsh M Linehan's DBT Life Skills Education training.

Mark completed the Breath Center teacher training program in 2018 with Michael Brian Baker.

A little more about my philosophy:

I know within myself, and see it in others, that when we are in alignment with this peace and awake to the present moment we create a fulfilling and creative life! As a result we are ever more happy, content and our life view becomes more of an observation of the magnificence of life and love as we participate in life in meaningful and fulfilling ways experiencing greater joy and awe!

We are all such busy people but it is so important to simply stop for a few minutes to align with our inner peace. It is quite helpful to do a simple practice first thing in the morning since this sets the tone of our day and then incorporate this simple mindfulness practices periodically through out the day.

If you think about it, absolutely everything is energy and vibration. Sound is energy and vibration, light is energy and vibration, everything that is animate or inanimate is energy and vibration and so are you and I energy and vibration. Our emotion, thoughts, bodies and our soul are all energy and vibration as is our personality. So a simple practice beginning in the morning and then throughout our day aligns us with the energy and vibration of peace which is essential if we want to experience a peaceful, loving and productive life. When we practice this we are aligning not only with an inner peace and silence but also with our ancient wisdom and inner guidance. In this way we live in response to life rather then in reaction to it.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate (or Practice Peace), but there are some basic principles and practices that help us develop a deeper capacity to live in this peaceful, healthy and wise way.



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