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Evoke Peace Now



My deepest intention with Evoke Peace Now and SACRED VIBES is to create a space and a way for people to align with the ancient peace, wisdom, wholeness and the magnificence of their True Potential. The work we are doing together assists in living an ever happier, grounded and fully expressed life!


We are here to Live Life Fully and experience the abundance of joy, love, and prosperity that is our birthright. This can all be done through simple daily Peace Practices, meditation and intentional inspired action which arises from our deepest inner passion.


The word, "Evoke" means to bring forth that which already is. Over the last fifteen years I’ve led weekly guided meditations reminding and aligning myself and others with an depth of peace that is already is within. Its what I call an “ancient-ancient peace and wisdom" that is always within us, and has always been within us, and nothing in the external world of conditions can take it away. It may be covered up, or in some ways hidden from our immediate realization, but none-the-less it is always right here.


Check out the rest of this site and you will see I have created a rich array of creative, fun and interesting  life enriching and healing opportunities for the individual or group.


I offer practical "real Life" healing workshops, spiritual guidance, Spiritual Life Coaching for individuals and groups. I share Peace Practices, guided meditations, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Practices, emotional regulation practices based on the philosophy of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy,) and Spiritual Well-Being Lessons all to Evoke the Peace and Wisdom that is already within, and to discover deeper ways to live an empowered, prosperous and fully expressed life!


My core intention is to create a space of peace sharing simple practices and to guide people in the discovery of their deeper inner wisdom, peace and wholeness. When in alignment with our inner peace and wisdom we can focus our attention clearly so we will live a way more joyful, peaceful, content, and exceptionally creative life.

This work helps the individual to develop a life that is powerfully moving forward into the fullest unique expression of ones TRUE SELF!


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