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Awaken Breath work

Awaken Breath Work is an ancient Pranayama Breathing practice for individual or group sessions that creates a dynamic opening to align with your most empowered self so you can Up-level who you are being in the world!

Tap into and align with powerful mental, emotional and spiritual clarity while walking through life in profoundly wise, deeply peaceful and empowered ways.


Escape the chaos and over-busyness of life and the outside world that clutters mind, emotions and spirit with confusion, stress, depression. The practice supports healing and releasing a subtle sense of unworthiness and lack of inspiration that many people live with daily,

Cultivate an anchor and depth of inner peace, joy and enthusiasm for everyday of your life!


I know it is possible because I have done and I’ve helped hundreds to do the same and you can too!

Intentional Healing work

and Guidance

Intentional healing work is designed to work from your wholeness out. We are not trying to fix anything, rather we are aligning with our wholeness, peace, and brilliant creative potential.  We look at issues, disturbances, pain and challenges we are facing as opportunities for clarity and growth as we align and step into our unblocked potential.

Each session includes a time to go within and see what is present for you. We explore following what is meaningful, interesting and brings us a sense of joy in life, then we set some clear intentions, for healing and opening to our highest potential. Once we've checked to see what is present for you, we move to the table for an empowering breath-work session including Sacred Vibes sound healing, and Chakra Alignment.

We close each session with a dynamic guided meditation which includes affirmative intention setting. After the healing work is complete we agree on actions that support your infinite potential!

Sacred Vibes

sound bath immersion

Sacred Vibes sound bath immersion is an organic experience aligns you in your absolute wholeness of mind, body, emotions, spirit!

The healing sound bath along with the breath work help suspend the ego intellect for enough time to tap into your infinite potential and connect you with dynamic creative life-energy that resides in everyone. 

Your session may simply be creating a deeply peaceful and soothing experience, or you may have a profound healing and awakening experience of connecting to your inner brilliance and creative potential.  Come experience an expanding sense of awaking beyond the ego perceptions into the vastness and brilliance of your true authentic wisdom and potential.




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